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Cariplo Foundation Hall - Hotel Villa Porro Pirelli

Cariplo Foundation Room

The Cariplo Foundation Room has a comfortable private and independent entrance. It has natural light and can be divided into 3 other rooms. Adjacent to the hall is a reception area with reception and cloakroom. Everything is equipped in order to carry out business meetings wrapped in a wonderful atmosphere, with advanced technologies and excellent bar services.


Assets and capacity

Whole room

Theatre Desks Horseshoe
250 pax 130 pax 60 pax
Round Tables Parade Royal Table
130 pax 100 pax 70 pax

Room divided 01

Teatro Banchi F. cavallo
49 pax 36 pax 36 pax
T.tondi Sfilata T.Reale
25 pax 28 pax 20 pax

Room divided 02

Theatre Desks Horseshoe
63 pax 42 pax 30 pax
Round Tables Parade Royal Table
40 pax 36 pax 24 pax

Room divided 03

Theatre Desks Horseshoe
49 pax 36 pax 28 pax
Round Tables Parade Royal Table
30 pax 28 pax 25 pax

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